Examples of our expertise and skills:

Where steelness is involved

SWITZERLAND – Gotthard tunnel

Highest precision components

Lead time optimization 6 working days

Tunnel length: 57 km

DUBAI – Burj Dubai

‘Just in time’ was the most important thing for this project.

Project quantities up to 250,000 pcs

Building height over 800 m

AUSTRALIA – Ore loading

Component loads due to alternating forces and environmental factors at the highest level

200% quality control and material testing of the components/assemblies supplied

Component size up to 2,000 mm/project quantities 5 – 30 pcs

AFRICA – Ore transportation

Components were individually adapted

Lifetime of the parts supplied: 15 years

Project quantities: 200 – 500 pcs

KOREA – High-speed railway

Components/assemblies with the closest tolerances (1.5 µm) were produced allowing for heat treatments and/or galvanizing processes.

We were able to assist in weight saving with our material optimization.

Top speed: 330 km/h