Corporate philosophy

This is what makes us stand out

steelness – leading performance – stands for outstanding services and top quality. Our corporate philosophy defines our daily activities which are optimistic, sustainable, responsible and respectful. We are driven by visionary thinking. Thinking and working as a team is an established part of our corporate culture.

Our main aim is to establish a collaborative, long-term and successful working relationship with our customers. Identifying their requirements and expectations and fulfilling them with foresight is our top priority.

Management Steelness GmbH

steelness care

People are our focus.

We consider it our duty to be responsible for people
and to help them. We take the initiative ourselves
and launch a support project every year.

Wir unterstützen folgende Projekte:


steelness care – aid project in the Philippines

One year ago, one of the most destructive storms in history struck the Philippines and killed several thousand people: Typhoon Haiyan.
 Millions of children lost their families or their homes. Within a year, the second disaster struck the people here with Typhoon Hagupit.
 The shortage of medications, unhygienic conditions and polluted water pose a daily hazard for the inhabitants. 
With “steelness care” we are helping those in need of aid by providing the medications that are essential for survival and basic foods, and supporting the construction of water supplies.

Supplier Code of Conduct

As a company with global operations, we are committed
to ethical corporate management that is legally compliant
and socially responsible. We constantly strive to optimize
the sustainability of our corporate activities and to implement
this jointly with our suppliers where possible.

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